Jordan Mendler

Technology Entrepreneur

Primary Residence
Los Angeles, California, United States

Secondary Locations
Kauai, Hawaii, United States
Yunxiao, Fujian, China

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Jordan leverages his diverse professional background as the President & Chief Technology Officer of The Veloz Group. Jordan provides direction to Veloz across our broad set of industries, services, and projects, while shaping the innovative nature of the Veloz culture.

Prior to co-founding Veloz, Jordan was a Network Administrator for an Internet Service Provider at age 13. At 15, Jordan started JDM Enterprises, a national distributor of niche automotive parts. After JDM, Jordan led the computing team at UCLA's Genetic Sequencing Core; served as Chief Technology Officer of TinyTube Networks, the first site to company video to mobile; built Beverly Hills Chairs into the largest national distributor of Herman Miller chairs; and starter a variety of other technology businesses. Jordan continues to head new ventures at Veloz while setting forth the strategic vision for The Veloz Group.

Jordan is a graduate of UCLA where his undergraduate studies emphasized Physiological Psychology, Psychopharmacology, and Neuroscience. Jordan pursued a M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA with a focus on Data Mining. Jordan has taught Computer Science at UCLA since the age of 24, has held professorships at a variety of international universities, is a patent holder who has published several academic papers, and sits on several boards. Jordan is an avid traveler, handyman, car and motorcycle racer, beer brewer, builder, surfer, cigar smoker, blacksmith, tree feller and student of nearly every new topic he comes across.


  • President & Chief Technology Officer (Co-Founder)

    The Veloz Group
    – Present (6 years)

    The Veloz Group builds businesses across a variety of industries. Utilizing our technological, operational and managerial expertise, we start, run and grow our own companies, and serve as technology partners to other organizations.

  • Chief Scientist (Co-Founder)

    KM Squared
    – Present (1 month)Greater Los Angeles Area

    KM Squared is revolutionizing the Real Estate industry using Big Data and Machine Learning techniques

  • Chief Scientist Advisor (Co-Founder)

    Market Of Design
    – Present (9 months)

    Market of Design is doing an 8-figure raise to disrupt the furniture industry through the use of AR, AI, and Computer Vision

  • Board Member (Co-Founder)

    Custom Lobby
    – Present (7 months)

    Custom Lobby is a software platform empowering users to develop their own customized products

  • Scientific Advisor

    – Present (7 months)

    Data mining and business analytics software

  • Board Member (Founder & Former CTO)

    Beverly Hills Chairs
    – Present (7 years 8 months)

    Founded the largest refurbisher of Herman Miller Aeron and Mirra office chairs. Aeron chairs are the single best selling chair of all time, with close to 10 million in circulation. Currently serve in an advisory and strategic planning role.

  • Board Member (Founder & Former CEO)

    Ergonomics Direct
    – Present (6 years 11 months)Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Board Member (Co-Founder & Former CTO)

    Custom Tobacco
    – Present (4 years 7 months)

    Custom Tobacco offers a one-of-a-kind platform for individuals and companies to create fully-customized premium cigars for gifts and events. In a matter of minutes, customers can design a personalized cigar band and customize all key elements of the cigar itself, including the blend, wrapper, shape and size. I currently serve in an advisory role as we apply our customization platform to other sectors.

  • Board Member (Co-Founder & Former CTO)

    Veloz Solutions
    – Present (3 years 2 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

    Veloz Solutions helps organizations utilize technology in creative ways to resolve pain points and capitalize on new opportunities. Leveraging our experience developing custom technology to optimize our own businesses, we apply our expertise in large-scale web applications, cloud computing and big data to craft technology solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

  • Board Member (Former Project Lead)

    – Present (5 years 11 months)

    OpenSource Bug Tracking Software built with PHP, MySQL, Javacsript, HTML, CSS

  • Strategic Partner & Advisor

    Here Media, Inc.
    (5 months)

    Led technology takeover and revitalization of, a top 5 Gay dating site/app with more than 3 million members. Company was acquired four months into the turnaround.

  • Technology Advisor & Board Member

    Virtually Israel
    (11 months)

    Developed Virtual Reality content that is currently being used by the Ministry of Tourism and other government agencies.

  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    JDM Enterprises, LLC
    (11 years 5 months)

    Used creative technology and guerrilla digital marketing to build a leading e-commerce distributor of performance automotive parts within a niche genre.

  • Software Engineer

    CyberU / Cornerstone OnDemand
    (8 months)

    Built a cloud-based Learning Management System leading up to a $2 billion IPO.

  • Lead Software Developer

    SeqWare / SolexaTools
    (2 years 7 months)

    Developed two genetics processing pipelines to automate data analysis for Petabytes of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing data.

  • Systems Architect, Software Engineer

    UCLA Human Genetics Department
    (4 years 3 months)

    - Co-developed and maintained a genome processing and data analytics pipeline to support genome sequencers costing millions and producing 10TB of data a day.
    - Designed, built and oversaw a shared, heterogeneous computation cluster with more than 140 nodes, 1120 processors, and 2.5TB of RAM.
    - Designed, built and managed close to a Petabyte of tiered distributed disk storage.
    - Built and led a nimble team that implemented the entire cluster and storage system from bare hardware components and built the software layer using a combination of open-source software and custom tools developed in-house. Without the use of any commercial support or outside consulting, the projects were complete at approximately 15% of the costs quoted by commercial vendors.
    - Led the integration of in-house developed processing pipelines and data analysis tools with computational systems

  • Technology Consultant

    (8 months)

    Consulted on various topics related to scalability, high availability, big data and cloud computing for a cloud-based SAAS search engine built atop Apache Solr

  • Technology Consultant

    (2 years)

    Consulted on High-Performance Computing, Genetics Processing Pipelines, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

  • Technology Consultant & Guest Speaker

    Stanford University
    (2 years)

    Consulted on High-Performance Computing, Genetics Processing Pipelines, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, and gave Guest Lectures

  • Technology Consultant

    University of Southern California
    (2 years)

    Consulted on High-Performance Computing, Genetics Processing Pipelines, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

  • Technology Consultant

    House Ear Institute
    (2 years)

    Consulted on High-Performance Computing, Genetics Processing Pipelines, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

  • Technology Consultant

    City of Hope
    (2 years)

    Consulted on High-Performance Computing, Genetics Processing Pipelines, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

  • Chief Technology Officer

    TinyTube Networks
    (2 years 1 month)

    TinyTube was the first company to stream video onto mobile phones. TinyTube preceded YouTube's support for mobile devices by more than a year.

  • Project Leader, Lead Engineer
    (2 years 1 month)

    Developed a public RPM repository and a multi-platform build farm infrastructure along with a local cloud to host it

  • Systems Administrator

    UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
    (1 year 4 months)

    Second in command Linux, UNIX and Windows administrator across a variety of labs and departments within the school of medicine, and hospital as a whole.

  • Systems Administrator / Tech Consultant

    UCLA Laboratory of NeuroImaging
    (11 months)

    Consulted on and helped administer multiple data centers housing approximately 600 servers; several mainframes, clusters, and supercomputers; two tape silos and multiple disk arrays.

  • Network Administrator

    Bridges Academy
    (3 years)

    As a high-school and then college student, was responsible for a T1 connection, FreeBSD UNIX server and supporting over 50 users

  • Network Administration & Tech Support

    LA Free-Net
    (3 years)

    At age 13, provided network support for a large regional Internet Service Provider

Teaching & Research

  • Advising Partner, Computing & Mathematical Sciences

    – Present (2 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

    Partake in technology talks, research, and advising of students

  • Advisory Board, Data Science Program

    University of California, Los Angeles
    – Present (9 months)
  • Adjunct Professor

    Department of Computer Science, IGEF
    (1 year 1 month)

    Academic interests surround Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Distributed Systems

  • Professor of Cloud Computing & Linux Clusters

    (3 years)

    Developed curriculum and taught courses related to Linux clusters, cloud computing, high performance computing, data warehousing and large-scale software engineering. Research interests surrounding the development of large-scale computing infrastructure and the applications of big data techniques to a variety of fields.

  • Guest Speaker

    Stanford University
    (2 years)

    Gave guest lectures and tech talks on Genetics, Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, and Big Data

  • Facilitator

    Self-Management And Recovery Training
    (2 years)

    Led weekly outpatient meetings while tracking and analyzing progress of dual-diagnosis patients.

  • Research Assistant / Data Analysis Intern

    UCLA Laboratory of Molecular Neuroimaging
    (less than a year)

    Data analysis for neuroimaging studies related to tobacco and methamphetamine dependency. Automation of behavioral test screening.

  • Co-Leader (Clinical Research)

    Matrix Institute
    (2 years)

    Helped track, manage and analyze patients within a group focused on outpatient medical treatment and clinical research in conjunction with UCLA.

  • Clinical Research Intern

    VA Medical Center
    (less than a year)

    Helped track, analyze and assess patient performance and responsiveness to different Psychiatric treatment approaches.

Patents & Publicatios

  • Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring, classifying, and encouraging activity

    United States US20150050972 A1
  • White Paper: Beverly Hills Chairs

  • White Paper: Buyerstime

  • White Paper: Custom Tobacco

  • White Paper: Flyspray

  • White Paper: Opencart

  • White Paper: The Taylor Method

  • White Paper: Automated Parking System (IoT)

  • White Paper: Robotic Agriculture Harvester (IoT)

  • White Paper: Smart Irrigation System (IoT)

  • White Paper: Smart Railroad Crossing (IoT)

  • Movie Recommendation Engine Using Collaborative Methods

  • Bioinformatics Libraries, Applications, and Data as Operating System Packages

  • UCLA Team Sequences Cell Line, Puts Open Source Software Framework into Production, Newsletter: BioInform

  • SeqWare Query Engine: storing and searching sequence data in the cloud

  • Local alignment of two-base encoded DNA sequence

  • Local alignment of generalized k-base encoded DNA sequence

  • Bfast: Blat-like fast accurate search tool

  • BFAST: an alignment tool for large scale genome resequencing

  • U87MG decoded: the genomic sequence of a cytogenetically aberrant human cancer cell

  • Disease gene characterization through large-scale co-expression analysis

  • Celsius: a community resource for Affymetrix microarray data

  • White Paper: Live Earth

  • White Paper: Virtually Israel

Select Projects

  • Flyspray

    Bug Tracking System in PHP

  • SeqWare

    Genetics sequencing pipeline in Java

  • SolexaTools

    Genetics sequencing pipeline in Perl

  • Biopackages

    Public RPM repository and self-contained multi-platform build farm infrastructure

  • Celsius

    Celsius is a data warehouse that provides web services for upload, archival, download, annotation, quantification, and normalization of all Affymetrix microarray platforms.

  • Staden IO Lib Utils

    Tools for maniuplating DNA sequencing files

  • SVG-edit

    SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, JavaScript-driven SVG drawing editor that works in any modern browser.

  • Lustre

    The Lustre file system is an open-source, parallel file system that supports many requirements of leadership class HPC simulation environments.

  • Sun Grid Engine

    Scheduler for HPC clusters

  • Rocks

    Distributed Linux Distribution to streamline cluster provisioning

  • Pegasus

    Workflow software for HPC Cluster

  • Marketplace Booster

    Automated bidding system and data mining platform for ebay

  • GlusterFS

    Code contributor for a distributed filesystem that eventually got acquired by Red Hat.

  • Debian Linux

    Contributed to the best Linux distribution there is

  • FreeBSD

    Contributed to the best UNIX distribution there is

Volunteer Experience & Causes


  • University of California, Los Angeles

    Master's Degree*, Computer Science, Data Mining, Embedded Systems, Computer ArchitectureMaster's Degree*, Computer Science, Data Mining, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture

    * Dropped out with 1 class left to start a few technology companies

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    Bachelors, Physiological Psych, Neurosciences, PsychopharmacologyBachelors, Physiological Psych, Neurosciences, Psychopharmacology

    Started UCLA as a Junior when I was 17

  • Long Beach City College

    Metal Fabrication, Welding, Blacksmithing, Tinsmithing, Metal FormingMetal Fabrication, Welding, Blacksmithing, Tinsmithing, Metal Forming

    Building stuff out of metal is fun!

  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College

    Motorcycle Repair TechnologyMotorcycle Repair Technology

    Not all badass bikers look the part

  • Cerritos College

    Autobody Repair, Customization & RestorationAutobody Repair, Customization & Restoration

    We will probably get along if you can use an English Wheel

  • Venice Beach Community Machine Shop

    Metal Fabrication, Welding, Conventional & CNC MachiningMetal Fabrication, Welding, Conventional & CNC Machining

    Building stuff out of metal is fun!

  • Los Angeles Pierce College

    Automotive Repair, Engine & Transmission RebuildingAutomotive Repair, Engine & Transmission Rebuilding

    Tearing down motors is part of what makes a man

  • Bridges Academy

    High SchoolHigh School

    Skipped two grades and started college at age 15